Electroless Spray Ionization

Using innovative nanotechnology, both spraying and ionization are achieved inside a single mm-sized nozzle, without the use of any electronics. Ionization has never been so easy.

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What makes our technology special?

The micro-fabricated spray nozzles for mass spectrometry use a fundamentally different ionization principle (ELI-MS), unlike anything on the market.

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For ionization, simply fill a syringe with your sample, attach the nozzle and spray. By spraying in the direction of the mass spectrometer, samples can be directly analyzed. Other applications of the ELI ionization source are also possible.

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The spray droplets are charged using only the electrokinetic interaction of the solvent with the nozzle. Therefore, no expensive and dangerous high voltage supplies are needed. Ideal for transportable on-site MS applications and non-expert use.

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Unlike ESI, electroless ionization (ELI) has excellent performance for samples with low conductivity (e.g. pure acetonitrile). Moreover, with adjustable flow rates and the compact size of the ELI-chip, it can be idealy fitted on an LC-column, with zero dead volume.

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Due to the low price of the ELI-nozzles, they are ideal for single use only. By using disposable syringes, time consuming cleaning is no longer necessary, which increases throughput and reproducibility.



The technology on this website is currently awaiting patent approval.

Want to test it out?

To acquire a mass spectrum with electroless ionization (ELI) is easy, just add our nozzle to a syringe and spray towards the MS-inlet. Curious to try it out? Order some nozzles at the link below or request a test sample. Not sure how it works or if your setup could benefit from this technology? Click here to learn more or contact us.

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Our ionizing spray nozzle is a brand new technique in the field of mass spectrometry. The compactness of the method, the soft characteristics of the ionization and the adjustable flow rate with micrometer sized jets make new areas of research possible. We are constantly exploring new applications and testing new ideas. Do you have an application that could benefit from having electroless ionization or wondering if this could contribute to your research? Let us know and contact us.

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